Meet Minoca OS

Minoca OS enables the internet of things.
A new operating system for the world of connected devices.
Minoca OS is a general purpose operating system designed specifically for feature-rich embedded devices. It's got all the high-level functionality that you've come to expect from an operating system, but offers it in a fraction of the memory footprint.
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Minoca OS enables the internet of things.

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Why a new OS?

A Frontier of New Devices

The landscape of intelligent devices is rapidly changing and it needs the software to match. Whether they're in the connected home, automated factory, or strapped to your body, these devices need big-OS functionality with little-OS resources. Minoca OS changes the game for system designers, bringing multi-threading, networking, file systems, and applications to a new class of devices.

Internet connected devices.

What's different about it?

It's Modular

  • The driver API separates device drivers from the kernel, enabling driver binaries to remain compatible even when the kernel is updated.
  • Driver separation allows for automatic loading and unloading of device drivers on demand.
  • Hardware layer API allows for a single unified kernel, even on ARM. No need to maintain a separate kernel fork.

It's Lean

  • A unified power management architecture allows for smarter power management decisions, leading to better device battery life.
  • Fewer background tasks and wake-ups from idle means machines can reach deeper idle states and save even more power.
  • Minimal OS footprint, boots to a shell in 5 MB of RAM.

It's Flexible

  • Proprietary and non-GPL source licenses are available, keeping options open for your customers and end users.
  • Custom builds are available with support from the Minoca team. Get to market fast, and let Minoca keep your system up to date.

What does it run on?

Portable and Scalable

Minoca OS is portable. It runs great on x86, ARMv6, and ARMv7 systems that contain virtual memory support and a few megabytes of RAM. It can also scale. Got a machine with multiple cores and many gigabytes of RAM? Minoca OS will run on that too.

Minoca OS is a portable operating system that runs on x86, ARMv6, and ARMv7.


Write Once, Run Anywhere

Python is included and the POSIX application layer is baked in, so if you're writing new code or leveraging existing software, it's easy to port to Minoca OS. Once you've got your code running, your applications will work without modification on both smaller power-conscious devices and larger I/O intensive instruments.

Minoca OS allows developers to write software once and then deploy it on a variety of devices.

Minimal Footprint

Minoca OS can boot to a usable environment in around 5 Megabytes of RAM. This leaves the rest of memory and storage to you. Fill it up with apps or remove it altogether to simplify your hardware design.

Minoca OS has a very small memory footprint; it runs in around 5MB of RAM.

Fully Debuggable

Don't struggle with tedious print-statement debugging anymore. The Minoca Debugger can step through Minoca OS at the source level through the firmware, kernel, drivers, and applications. And once you've got your code working, the debugger can report execution and memory profiling information in real time to let you monitor exactly what's going on.

Minoca OS has debug support baked into the operating system.

Unparalleled Support

Got a question? Our support services will get you directly in touch with the architects and developers that wrote Minoca OS. Whether it's over email, on the phone, or in person, they will answer your question efficiently and in detail. Our quality of support is unmatched in the industry.

The Minoca Team offers great customer support; speak directly with the Minoca OS developers.

Custom Builds

If your system needs something special, developers at Minoca are available to craft custom drivers and OS images to uniquely suit your requirements. They will get Minoca OS to fit your system like a glove and they can do it fast.

Custom versions of Minoca OS can be made to suit your requirements.
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