You can give Minoca OS a try without installing anything. There's no need to repartition drives or set up VMs, the Qemu simulator included in the Minoca OS x86 PC download means that with just a double-click you can try out Minoca OS from the comfort of an application window. Or, if you've got one of our supported platforms sitting on your desk, try it out on some real hardware.

Once you've got Minoca OS up and running, there's plenty to do:

Found something that wasn't supposed to happen? Wish we'd add support for the XYZ device or the ABC application? File a bug (or feature request) on us. You can also react to existing issues, which helps us stay focused on what matters.

Minoca OS is licensed to the public under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. Alternate licensing options are available. Contact if your company is interested in licensing Minoca OS.